“Reading the Golden Light Sutra” Project

A Message from Ven Tenzin Lhamo:

Dear friends,

I would like to invite you to join in a new, important, and happy chance to greatly benefit yourself, those around you, and our whole earth. It’s completely free (good news at this time of year!) and only requires between 30 and 60 minutes per month of your time!

This beautiful and comforting practice, the reading of the Golden Light Sutra, can be offered by people of all ages, all cultures, all belief systems. We can string a radiant net across the world, across our country, across the nation’s capital, of people committing a small amount of time each month to offer this inspiring, powerful reading for the benefit of all beings, that we might live in harmony, peace, abundance, and safety, free of strife and fear.

Following the advice of precious and kind Lama Zopa Rinpoche, a friend of mine who lives in Japan (Doc O’Connor) has organized a monthly group reading of The Golden Light Sutra. She inspired me to send this out, following her model (an example of their group’s approach follows the signature line).

Everyone reads it in their own homes, but at the same time. Each month, the chapters are rotated; one month you would read chapters 2 and 3, and the next chapter 4 and 5, etc. Since you are part of a group, you generate the power and strength of reading the complete sutra; since you are reading in your own home, you can enjoy reading at the pace most comfortable for you.

Groups can be organized city by city, or by recitation times, or even by languages (Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Vietnamese, Sanskrit, Tibetan and English). Copies are available for download through the wonderful efforts of FPMT, at http://www.fpmt.org/golden_light_sutra/.

The benefits of reading this sutra are described by Lama Zopa Rinpoche:

In the Sutra of Golden Light, Buddha Shakyamuni lists the benefits of contact with this sublime sutra. He says:

Those who hear this sutra,
Those who cause others to hear it,
Those who rejoice upon hearing it
And make offerings to it,
For tens of millions of eons
Shall be venerated by gods and nagas,
Humans and kinnaras,
Asuras and yakshas

Lama Zopa Rinpoche, urges us to recite the Sutra of Golden Light for these reasons:

“The holy Golden Light Sutra is the king of the sutras. It is extremely powerful and fulfills all one’s wishes, as well as bringing peace and happiness for all sentient beings, up to enlightenment. It is also extremely powerful for world peace, for your own protection, and for the protection of the country and the world. Also, it has great healing power for people in the country. … Anyone can read this text, Buddhists and even non-Buddhists who desire world peace. This also protects individuals and the country from what are labeled natural disasters of the wind element, fire element, earth element, and water element, such as earthquakes, floods, cyclones, fires, tornadoes, etc. They are not natural because they come from causes and conditions that make dangers happen. They come from past inner negative thoughts and actions of people, and from external conditions. The benefits of reading this sutra are immeasurable … reciting just a few lines of the Sutra of Golden Light creates more merit than making … immeasurable offerings to the Buddha. Reciting this sutra directs one’s life towards enlightenment. There is so much merit … one’s life becomes so easy, whatever one wishes for one receives … there is unbelievable purification … one liberates numberless sentient beings from the oceans of samsaric suffering and brings them to enlightenment.”

Please check out the new website in support of spreading the recitation of the Golden Light Sutra: http://www.fpmt.org/golden_light_sutra/. As you can see on this site, groups report their reading totals, and then we can all rejoice in the accumulated totals being reported from all over our planet. (Individual members would report to the group leader, who then reports the total to FPMT.)

If you would enjoy being part of our group to read the sutra “together” (though each person will be at home), please email me in return at washDC@guhyasamaja.org.

I’d appreciate it if you would mention what would be best for you: weekday or weekend? morning or evening? once a month or twice a month?

If you want to organize another group in your area, or in your specific language, would you please let me know that as well? then we can all see how these wonderful ripples are spreading.

If we have sufficient interest, we could even have our inaugural reading on New Year’s Day!

Following the signature line, you will find an email from Doc, in Japan, as an example of how they organize; It also includes a bit more detailed information.

Wishing each of you every possible blessing,

Tenzin Lhamo

Here is an example of how a group leader is coordinating readings in Japan; anyone interested in organizing a sub-group is welcome to develop a model that works for your group. A count is being kept on the FPMT website, so we can all rejoice in and be inspired by the number of sutras offered. So the individual members would report to the group leader, who then reports the total to FPMT.

Hello Everyone,

Hope you kept warm this weekend and will be ready for another Golden Light Sutra reading on Tuesday, December 18 at 9:30 p.m. We have 8 people reading so I’ve changed the chapter structure. Our new reader is Ms. Fumiyo Higashiguchi who will read in English. Welcome! I hope you enjoy reading with us!

Before we start, if possible, could everyone immediately confirm that you received this e-mail? (BEFORE THE READING so I know you have the schedule.)

Here’s the schedule:

Claude Chapters 1-6
Takiko-san Chapter 7 Pgs. 31-37
Shoko Chapter 7 Pgs. 38-45
Anila T.L. Chapters 8-11
Nishioka-san Chapters 12-13
Higashiguchi-san Chapters 14-15
Tim Chapters 16-17
Artur Chapters 18-21


  • The sutra can be found at: http://www.fpmt.org/teachers/zopa/advice/goldenlight.asp or go to www.fpmt.org and search: “Golden Light Sutra”.
  • The sutra suggests washing and wearing clean clothes (LZRinpoche recommends to clean the body “mouth, both hands and feet” and have virtuous thought).
  • Before starting the session, it’s suggested to take refuge, set your motivation, offer a mandala and LZRinpoche recommends the mantra: OM DHARE DHARE BENDHARE SVAHA (7 times). This mantra increases the merit by one million times!
  • A Geshe at the San Francisco FPMT center suggests everyone read Chapter 1 before your reading and Chapter 21 after.
  • Please send me an e-mail when you finish so I can report our completed recitation.
  • If you are not able to read, please rejoice while we’re reading to gain merit!

Our next reading will be the 3rd Tuesday, January 15. I hope everyone can read at that time, too!

Thank you for participating in our Sutra readings in 2007 and I hope for many more in 2008! The world will become a better place with our efforts.

Posted by Lisa Wilcox on behalf of Ven Tenzin Lhamo.

Copyright @ 2007 The Guhyasamaja Center


6 thoughts on ““Reading the Golden Light Sutra” Project

  1. Participation in the Golden Light Sutra readings has been so good that Ven Lhamo has decided to do the reading regularly once a month.

    The reading will take place the first Sunday of the month. Please touch base with Ven Lhamo (see above for contact info) in order to participate. Thanks!

    • Please ask the spiritual teacher from whom you received the Guhyasmaja initiation. (As is the case with all Highest Yoga Tantra initiations, the mantra can not be disclosed to people who have not taken the initiation). Sorry!

  2. Hello,

    Does anyone know where I can find the Sutra of Golden Light with Sanskrit translation (side by side with English)?

    Thanks, and Thank You all for your efforts in this project.

    With Gratitude,
    Douglas Smith

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