Dharma Miracles

     This section of the Center’s blog is devoted to miracles. What’s a miracle? It’s when you’ve gotten out of a difficult or dangerous situation due to some type of intervention — whether it’s the work of a deity or just what we’d might casually call ‘good fortune’.

     Our purpose in sharing these experiences is not to boast of realizations, or simply to tell interesting, curious anecdotes. Rather, we think that it’s important to share miracles because they can deepen our understanding and faith in the power of the BuddhaDharma — in particular the law of karma. Some of these miracles can also imbue our practice with a greater sense of urgency — they are reminders of our own impermanence; death can happen at any time.

    We encourage you to share your miracles as well, no matter how ordinary they might appear. You can post your story as an anonymous contributor, if you’d prefer.

Here’s an experience that I had recently.

     I was driving to NYC on the NJ Turnpike with my son in my old Toyota Corolla. I was singing the Lama Tsongkhapa guru yoga prayer (mig-tse-ma) out loud and thinking about Lama Zopa Rinpoche and Khensur Rinpoche and missing them. I could see Lama Tsongkhapa and his disciples clearly hovering a few feet over the front of the car. In order to pass another car, I moved into the left lane and zoomed along at 75 miles per hour. Just then a big rectangle of ice flew off the top of an oncoming tractor trailer, it spiraled through the air in slow motion. As I watched the ice descend towards us, I kept singing mig-tse-ma (partly because I was hoping that my son wouldn’t see what was happening). The ice crashed into the front of the car with a loud craaaaaaaack.

    When I got to NY, I examined the car. The front license plate was bent inward and there were scratches all over the bumper. Had the ice hit the windshield, I might have lost control of the car, or perhaps the windshield might have cracked, or maybe everything would have been fine. Fortunately, since nothing happened, I just continued singing and reassured my startled son that the Buddhas were watching over us. I reminded him that Khensur Rinpoche had ridden in the car several times so it’s truly blessed.

Posted by: Dina Li


One thought on “Dharma Miracles

  1. Hi,

    Question: from a Buddhist perspective, aren’t miracles really just ripening good karma? If so, that’s actually a very empowering message, because we can create our own miracles by accumulating merit and purifying negative karma.

    – Lisa W

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