Presenting the Path: Homework Jan 19


  1. List several counter-arguments to the attitude that people who are suffering misfortunes are “getting what they deserve” because of the non-virtuous actions that they committed in the past.
  2. Explain this statement by Geshe Sopa “…if you do not have any trust in karma and its results, then the whole structure of Buddhism has no base, no ground.”
  3. Choose an example from your own life of a non-virtuous or virtuous action and please describe the basis, thought, action, and culmination of the action.

Daily Prayer

The Foundation of All Good Qualities

Daily Meditation

Karma, as outlined in The Lam Rim Beginners Outline available here:

A beautiful printed version is also available from FPMT’s shop (

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If you  prefer to respond privately, please email me at  Lorne and I welcome your feedback about the class.


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