Homework: January 26

  1. Go through each of the 4 powers for Purifying Karma, reviewing your actions for the past few days and purifying any negative karmas you can recall. Remember that those 4 powers are:
    • The Power of Reliance: Refuge and Greatly Compassionate Bodhichitta
    • The Power of Intelligent Regret: Born of contemplating the faults of the action
    • The Power of the Antidote: A positive action to counteract the negative energy of the previous act
    • The Power of Restraint: Commiting to not repeating the action for some length of time
  2. In response to the realities of suffering and impermanence, what are some of the levels of response that the Buddha advises as skillful? How might you practice them more this week?
  3. Spend a few moments imagining how it would feel and what it would be like to be a spiritual hero (and psychonaut) capable of remaining conscious when awake, when dreaming, and even when dying and being reborn.

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