Discovering Buddhism – Presenting the Path — Homework Feb 9

Reading assignment:

Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s Wish Fulfilling Golden Sun of the Mahayana Thought Trainings (available on the Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archives website) — read the section on the First Noble Truth and Second Noble Truth about suffering (this is in the third PDF file). Also, read pages 1 – 40 on Bodhicitta, Seven Point Cause and Effect, & tong len, in the fourth PDF file. Please also read Pabongka Rinpoche’s discussion of these subjects in Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand.

Although we didn’t have time to talk about this in class, please take a look at this prayer, the Eight Verses of Training the Mind, and we’ll discuss it on Feb 16:  Geshe Gelek from the FPMT Kadampa Center will give a teaching on this prayer on March 8 in Reston. Details:


  • What is bodhicitta?
  • What is the difference between “love” and “compassion”?
  • What is the fundamental cause of our ego-grasping and attachment/aversion?
  • What is renunciation?


  • Pick a day and make a conscious effort to set your motivation correctly and then practice tong len as often as possible. Record your observations in a journal or feel free to share them here. Was it difficult to practice tong len? How did it feel?
  • Practice watching your mind as you walk down the street and see people, explore how your mind is attracted to some, repelled by other, or just remains neutral.
  • Practice the Seven Point Cause and Effect Method meditation

One thought on “Discovering Buddhism – Presenting the Path — Homework Feb 9

  1. AUDIO RECORDINGS Available — Hi! If you’ve missed class, check out Ven Losang Monlam’s audio recordings of Presenting the Path available for free at the URL provided below.

    Ven Monlam is an experienced FPMT teacher, he taught this class at Tse Chen Ling, an FPMT Center on the West coast.

    In fact, many of the Discovering Buddhism classes have been posted on, and there are also audio recordings of many great Tibetan Buddhist teachers including Geshe Gelek Chodak who will be teaching here March 7 – 8.


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