Update regarding the Building Fund for the Guhyasamaja Center

To the Guhyasamaja Center,
Just a quick update regarding the Building Fund for the Guhyasamaja Center…
Firstly, a big thanks to those who’ve already sent in donations and good wishes.  We’ve already received donations to the building fund from places as varied as Reston, Virginia; Homer, Alaska; and Greenbush, Maine.
To help develop the group karma and energy to get a stable location, do try to send along a small donation (or a large one!) before February 21, which is the end of the time of increased merit and miracles!  Also, if you have ideas/input for fundraising for this project, feel free to contact me about that as well. 
Also, we just got a message to the center from Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche regarding the building fund.  Rinpoche has very strongly recommended that we together recite or write out the Sanghatta Sutra, dedicated to the success of the center.  Rinpoche noted that this practice has been very beneficial from a number of other FPMT centers.  Then, Rinpoche also suggested that we regularly do Tara Pujas and Medicine Buddha Pujas together. 
So, everyone is naturally encouraged to do these practices whenever possible, dedicating the merits to the center.  We’ll also schedule times to do these practices together after our regular classes!
(You can download the Sanghatta Sutra for free in various languages from FPMT at: http://www.fpmt.org/teachers/zopa/advice/sanghatasutra.asp)
All good wishes!
–Lorne Ladner

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