Reminder – Next Golden Light Sutra Recitation: March 2

An invitation for you to join our first World-Wide Recitation of

The Exalted King of Sutra, Sublime Golden Light

Dear Friends,

On Sunday, March 2, from 10 to 10 pm in their local times, readers will circle our world, lighting it with the power of the Sutra of Golden Light and the strength of their devotion.

Reading this holy sutra has inconceivable benefits for our world today. Whether reciting, causing others to hear, listening to, or just saying the sutra’s name, the immeasurable benefits include ending war, famine, disease and poverty, as well as establishing love and compassion in our hearts.

This sutra is inconceivable, for its ocean of virtue is without end;
It frees every being from countless oceans of suffering.
– from Chapter 14 of the sutra

In all time zones, from 10 am till 10 pm, recitations will be offered, creating a golden wave of blessings encircling the globe.

People can read individually in their own homes, or as groups in a place of choice. You can download the sutra in a number of languages at

You can choose to read the entire sutra, or part of it, on your own during the day; or you might want to join a shared-recitation group where the sutra is separated into parts, with each person reading an assigned section; the entire group then accomplishes one complete reading through their joined efforts.

If you want help joining a shared-recitation group at 10 am Tokyo time, contact Doc O’Connor,

If you want to join a shared-recitation group at 10 am or 9 pm Eastern Standard U.S. time, contact Tenzin Lhamo,

Whenever you recite, your voice will be joining a vast, powerful and profound chorus literally girding our world with the blessings of the Buddhas and the power of their goodness.

However you choose to participate, we unite in doing the following: begin with a clean body, and wearing clean clothes, as the sutra recommends; set your motivation; recite at least the first and last chapters; dedicate your recitation.

Once you have completed your individual activity, please use to let me know. If you are a group leader of a shared-recitation, please tell me the number of participants and where you are.

Thank you.

— Beth Simon

“One night, without distraction, I dreamed a vivid dream: I saw a large and beautiful drum filling the world with golden light and glowing like the sun. Beaming brightly to all places, it was seen from ten directions…..May every suffering be completely dispelled by the sound of this majestic drum.”

— From Chapter 4 of the Sutra of Golden Light


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