Update on the March 2nd Sutra of Golden Light Recitation

Dear friends,

Thanks to each of you who somehow helped spread the word for our Sutra of Golden Light recitation this past Sunday. It truly circled the globe in such a powerful and moving way.

Our smaller group here, (a shared-reading group reading assigned chapters at either 10 am or 9 pm est) included 33 people people in four countries, and accomplished 3 complete readings of the sutra by joining together. Thank you, to each of you and all of you.

We in turn are part of a larger group of people reading the first and last chapters plus their own choice of other chapters, at any time between 10 am and 10 pm in their local zones; this drew an astonishing response, from readers in countries throughout Asia, Europe, and the western hemisphere. Some readers went to the sacred Bodhi Tree in Bodhgaya, India, to read the sutra there.

For more information, please check the FPMT site: http://www.fpmt.org/teachers/zopa/advice/goldenlight.asp ;
you will find links to a page where you can submit questions and read about the experiences of others.

This is wonderful material to use for the practice of rejoicing, being inspired and moved by our own practice of virtue and that of others; the positive force generated by rejoicing actually outweighs the negative power of anger. So together, around the world, we have joined to create immense cause for rejoicing together in our cyber-sangha.

with warmest regards,
ani Lhamo

ps–if you have any questions, please feel welcome to email me at aniTenzinLhamo@msn.com


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