Save the Date for our next Golden Light Sunday, June 1

Hi Everyone,

Save the date, and mark your calendars.

Next Sunday, June 1, brings our next Circle-the-Globe-with Golden-Light sutra reading.

Last month, if you want extra reason to rejoice, we had a total of 40 readers around the globe.

Details will follow later in the week. There’s lots of time to see if you have any friends who’d like to join in; if they’d like to, please email anitenzinlhamo at (replace the ‘at’ with an ‘@’).

If you missed the first reading and want to catch up, please read chapters 1 through 5.

Our readings groups are organized around 3 times, all keyed to East Coast US time: 8 am, 11 am, or 9 pm. If you need help with converting the time, here is a great site:

For long-range planners, the next reading will be July 6.

with warmest regards,
and memorial prayers for all those who have been victims of war in any way,
Tenzin Lhamo


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