Questions and answers about our new class: Mindfulness Meditations

Q: How does this differ from the Shantideva class?

A: This is a new class aimed at giving us a chance to meditate on the themes presented during Khensur Rinpoche’s commentary on Shantideva. Listening to the teachings is not enough, it’s equally important to meditate, and then apply the teachings in daily life. Some of the themes I’d like to focus on are: death and impermanence, generating bodhicitta, tong len practice, rejoicing. Attendance at Rinpoche’s class is not a requirement for the Mindfulness Meditations class, but it would certainly be beneficial.

Q: What’s the class format?

A: It’s going to be a mixture of silent and guided meditations with some time for questions and discussion. Primarily the focus is on meditation both single-pointed and analytical. If you’ve never meditated before, you’re welcome to attend. I’ll cover the basics of posture and concentration. If you’re an experienced meditator, join us as well for some quiet time!

I expect that attendance will vary from week to week because this is, after all, summer. So the class content will differ somewhat depending on who shows up and what they’re interested in. I’d like to introduce a few beautiful prayers (in English), and maybe we could even practice chanting the Saturday prayers together in Tibetan.

Q: How does this class differ from the FPMT “Mind and Its Potential” class or “Intro to Meditation” class?

A: I plan on using a variety of readings, prayers and meditation techniques that are not covered in those classes. Those classes are not pre-requisites for Mindfulness Meditations.

Q: So what’s the overall purpose of the class?

A: To deepen our understanding of the teachings, to give us more experience meditating, to relax and smile together.

The first class will be on Saturday, July 19, at 9:15 – 10:15 am at the Unitarian Church in Reston. Please visit our website for additional information about this class.

— Posted by Dina Li


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