Reminder – Next Golden Light Sutra Recitation: September 7, 2008

Dear friends of Golden Light,

September 7 brings once again our First Sunday of the month, the day we join our hearts, minds, and actions across time and space to offer readings of the sublime Sutra of Golden Light. As usual, details will follow on the preceding Friday.   A number of groups are making special recitation schedules now, as these quite important US elections approach. For  more in-depth information and a handy calendar, please check:

After the August reading, a number of you contacted me and said, in the summer haze of activities, you’d simply forgotten and wanted to rejoin. Of course! Anyone can join at any point, and your friends are welcome too! So, as you read this–right now–mark your calendars now and set the time aside. If traveling, you can read the chapters on your computer, or even print them out and take them along with you. You will find downloads and a great amount  of interesting and inspiring material, including questions and answers, at:

Prayers are requested for one of our members, Shasta, who became critically  ill while in India, and for all those like Shasta and her daughter and all those suffering from floods, hurricanes and wars, all those whose lives are being upended by disaster and disease.

Sending best wishes and warm regards,
Tenzin Lhamo

Please email aniTenzinLhamo at
(replace the ‘at’ with an @)
if you would like to participate.


One thought on “Reminder – Next Golden Light Sutra Recitation: September 7, 2008

  1. UPDATE:

    The group will be reading chapters 15, 16 and 17. Please email anitenzinlhamo at (replace the ‘at’ with an @) if you would like to participate and to report your recitations.

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