Guhyasamaja Center Building Fund

Over the next 1-2 years, we plan to raise approximately $350,000 to use as a substantial down payment on commercial property in Northern Virginia for the center. The current plan is to find a property which will allow for further building in the future–which may or may not have a small structure on it. Once such a property is purchased, the next phase will be to build a meditation hall and a stupa. After that, further building of additional rooms (including residences for lamas and sangha) will progress over a period of 5-6 years as fund-raising efforts continue.

This first phase of raising the initial money needed to secure property is the most crucial phase to insuring that the center succeeds in obtaining a place that will allow the Dharma to flourish here in the DC area for many, many years to come.  Acquiring a stable location for the center is essential to the center’s success in it’s goals of continuing to host teachings by Gyumed Khensur Rinpoche, continuing to host more teachings by visiting Tibetan and Western sangha, hosting more frequent ongoing classes focused on meditation and cultivating positive emotions, and also strengthening our growing sense of community with more events like children’s classes, Dharma movie nights, group prayer and meditation sessions, and the like.

Another goal in gaining a stable location is to provide a place for study and meditation in the Indo-Tibetan tradition not only for Western students but also for the local Tibetan community, for members of the Vietnamese community interested in India’s Nalanda tradition of Buddhism, and for other interested communities as well.

If you would like to help us achieve this goal,
please visit our website for more information:


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