A personal meditation on healing the conflict in Gaza

A Buddhist nun who is a grandmother shared her personal meditation on healing the Israelis and Palestinians with me (she asked to remain anonymous). She wrote:

“These days I make up a little practice of seeing Tara manifest above the conflict in Gaza (I came up this after I felt desperate about how the bombings are affecting children in the Gaza strip…there are psychologists there reporting that children are having mental breakdowns and I just can’t stand it – being a mother you know how that is…).  So the practice I made up is that Tara is above the Gaza strip (as I say her mantra) and then she shines down so much love and healing energy (I use green Tara because she is so swift) and then the light turns into HOOLA HOOPS! Yes hoola hoops (I am trying to be light in spite of the situation there) and then the hoola hoops touch all the guns and bombs and turn them into healing hoola hoops of light — the light energy of love and forgiveness. The hoops get bigger (almost like bubbles) and then inside the hoola hoops stand Israelis who hold and nurture Palestinian children and then Palestinians who hold the Israeli children, and they heal each other.

When the hoops touch the bombs and guns, instantly the guns and bombs turn into light, just naturally melt into the hoola hoops of loving forgiveness light and then when the hoola hoops scoop up either the Israelis or the Palestinians, their hearts automatically melt into loving forgiveness. Their awareness of each others’ children being THEIR children is what melts their hearts and starts the whole healing. In turn, this leads to a party of celebrating each others’ way of life together like one big family, only that they have some different customs. That’s all. But they recognize their inherent relation to each other.

When the “hoola hoops” of love touch them, their faces change from rigid anger (from so many centuries of holding on to fighting each other) to a softening face, you know the same one that “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” had when his heart was suddenly touched and then melted. That is how it goes. Softening, softening faces until they have big bright smiles…With lots of light…lots and lots of beautiful rainbow light of love, love, forgiveness and deep sense of connection.”

The nun suggested that to make the meditation inter-religious, people could substitute Jesus or God, or another Buddhist deity like Chenresig. She wrote “all that matters is the mind….research shows that prayers heal and thoughts heal…from far away there is not much more we can do, but because we have such a habit of self-cherishing and not thinking that we are connected, this is one way to help our brothers and sisters, young or old, Palestinian or Israeli, all the same family.”

— Posted by Ani Tendrol


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