A Transition

Folks who attend teachings or events at Guhyasamaja Center are aware of how much hard work Ven. Tendrol (Dina Li) has put in to making things happen over the past three years while she’s served as the center’s Spiritual Program Coordinator (SPC).  With great compassion, she’s spent so many hours organizing teachings by great lamas, updating the website, guiding pujas and meditations, giving teachings, organizing retreats, organizing volunteers, answering questions, sending out emails, and doing countless other tasks to help students of the center to have opportunities to study and practice the Dharma.

It is said that rejoicing in the positive actions of others is a powerful (and easy!) means for creating vast positive karma.  So, let’s join together to rejoice in Ven. Tendrol’s huge creation of positive karma in being of such profound service to our community here in the DC area and also in thanking her for her kindness!

She has asked to step down from the role of SPC though she will continue to help with the center and serve as a member of the center’s Board and also its Amoghasiddhi Committee.

As of the Tibetan New Year (February 25), Rebecca Freeman will be taking on the role of SPC.  As Rebecca is a kind, patient, creative person who enters into this role with the brave and compassionate spirit of sincerely cherishing others, this is another chance for us to rejoice.  Rebecca has been studying sincerely at the center for a number of years, created the center’s Logo working with Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche, has served as the membership coordinator and as a member of the Amoghasiddhi Committee, and has also helped with advertising for the center in recent years.  I know for certain that everyone who helps out at the center will really enjoy working with Rebecca and that all of us will benefit from her efforts to help make the Dharma available!

So, just as we join together in thanking Ven. Tendrol, let’s also join together in welcoming Rebecca to her new role!

with love and prayers,
Lorne Ladner, Ph.D.

Center Director, Guhyasamaja Center


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