Question of the Week: Drowsiness

Each week we will ask a question related to Buddhism. Please share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment. We welcome your response to earlier comments, or you can post new ideas. Comments are moderated, please be supportive and respectful of others.

How do you prevent drowsiness during your meditation? If you find yourself dozing off, what do you do?


One thought on “Question of the Week: Drowsiness

  1. If e dozing off is the result of lack of sleep, then I stop the meditation and get myself some sleep. I try not to sleep in my meditation for fear of turning it into a habit every time I sit.

    If i feel drowsy, I can my gaze, I lift my neck slightly upward. In Vajrayana practice, not closing the eyes during the meditation also prevents drowsiness.

    Sometimes, getting up and wash the face also helps. Another thing I do is to change the focus. From watching the breath, I start to visualize, or I may break into silent chanting.

    Hope to hear from others.

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