So who is Guhyasamaja, Part 3

In Part 3 of this series on Guhyasamaja tantra, we take a brief look at the fascinating origin of the tantra.

According to Aku Sherab Gyatso in his Sacred Words of Lord Akshobhya, Buddha in the appearance of a universal monarch, taught Guhyasamaja to King Indrabhuti. King Indrabhuti requested Buddha to teach a method for Enlightenment that did not necessitate abandoning the acts of sensuality. As a result of diligently practicing the tantra, the King and his retinue attained Enlightenment in a single lifetime. The king then personally taught the dharma to all of his subjects who each became Enlightened. At the place of their Enlightenment, a sea formed and it was filled with nagas (kind of like sea serpents). The deity Vajrapani appeared and taught Guhyasamaja to the nagas and thus, even the nagas became Enlightened. Later, King Visukalpa taught the tantra to naga-born Yogini who passed the lineage on to the great Indian masters Saraha and Nagarjuna…and well, the rest is history!

The most reknowned translators of the tantra were Marpa Lotsawa and Go Lotsawa.

Part 4 will give a broad overview of the actual practice suitable for a general audience.

So who is Guhyasamja, Part 1 | Part 2


5 thoughts on “So who is Guhyasamaja, Part 3

  1. Dear Tendrol

    I have for long time looked for a complete translation of Guhyasamaja tantra in english. Does such a thing exist? As you alex wayman only translate parts of the original text.

    There is a german complete translation, but my german is very poor.

    Do you know of any translation, or commentarie, or any study group I can enter. I am not a budhist, but I am in a yogic tantric school.

    Thank you!

    Love and peace,

  2. Dear Friends!!!

    I have GREAT news. You can now download for free the complete translation of Guhyasamaja tantra in english!!!

    You can order it here:

    Ask for “A critical study of the Guhyasamaja Tantra.” by Francesca Fremantle.

    EThOS Persistent ID
    ILS catalogue number 11076113

    I wish you ALL luck and success on the spiritual path!

    I also recommend these homepages for good articles:

    May the force be with you all!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this. For those of you who might not be aware of this, texts such as the Guhyasamaja tantra should only be read by practitioners who have taken the associated Highest Yoga tantra initiation.

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