Free Mantra Screen Saver for Your PC

Here’s an easy way to bring Dharma to your work place. Most of you probably know this already, but anyway, this is how to make a screen saver that displays your favorite mantra (text only, no fancy graphics):

(for PCs running Windows)

  1. click My Computer
  2. click Control Panel
  3. click Display
  4. click Screen Saver
  5. click 3D text
  6. click Settings
  7. at the top left, enter Custom Text (e.g., om mane padme hum), change the font / rotation style (see saw works well, set the speed to Slow or you won’t be able to read it)
  8. click OK to save the settings.

There might be a limit to the length of the text you can enter. If someone knows how to do this for the Mac, please post directions as a comment. Thanks!


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