Disturbing Emotions

Just as a physician is not upset with
Someone who rages while possessed by a demon,
Subduers see disturbing emotions as
The enemy, not the person who has them.

~ Aryadeva, Four Hundred Stanzas on the Middle Way


2 thoughts on “Disturbing Emotions

  1. This is VERY hard. Reminds me of the saying by the Baghavan; when a stick is thrown the dog chases the stick while the lion chases the one who threw the stick; be like the lion, when thoughts come, don’t chase them but look to the source of the thought. Those of us who make a living working with others know the difficulty of this. I wish I had more time to practice and then I could separate the poisons from those who possess them. In the best of worlds I could take a month off twice a year and internalize the wisdom that sees the afflictions as different from the sentient beings that possess them. AH perchance to dream…

    • Victor — I asked Rinpoche about this quote. I explained that I visualize the negative emotions in the form of a cloud or cloud of gnats above the person’s head as a means of separating the emotions from the person. That way I’m better able to develop loving kindness.

      Rinpoche said it’s not necessary to do the visualization, it’s enough to just focus on loving kindness.

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