Quote of the Week: Patience and Anger

Yangsi Rinpoche writes about patience in his book Practicing the Path(Wisdom Publications, 2003):

“The perfection of patience is complete when we are able to cease the mind of anger. As in the previous perfections, completing the perfection of patience does not mean that every sentient being will stop harming you or disturbing you. Rather, the perfection of patience is complete when we stop experiencing anger in reaction to the activities of other sentient beings, and when our capacity for tolerance has been developed to its fullest potential.”

Further in the chapter he elaborates on how patience actually protects us. He continues,

“Patience protects our mind from its delusional states. While we are practicing patience, we are protected from coming under the control of afflicted states of mind. Also, particularly when we practice the patience of voluntarily taking on suffering and problems, even negative experiences will not become obstacles for us or cause us to become unhappy. Because we are able to keep our minds in an undisturbed, subdued state, we will be able to engage in many positive thoughts and actions in our lives. And because of this, at the end of our lives we can die without any regret.”


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