Quote of the Week: Preliminary Practices

Most people want to be given the main practices immediately but do not realize that the person who is unprepared for them will not achieve the results he expects and will soon become discouraged. It is for this reason that such practices can not be given at the outset…To build the house of Dharma, you must first prepare the mind by means of the preliminaries. Intellectual understanding is not enough and must be followed by intensive practice if true realization is to be gained. A musuem approach to the dharma, merely looking at and recognizing objects, is of no help whatsoever for inner development. The way to effect change is to observe the dharma, watching and correcting the actions of body, speech, and mind at all times.

~ Geshe Rapten The Preliminary Practices of Tibetan Buddhism. Library of Tibetan Works and Archives. 2003


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