Quote of the Week: Seven Prides

(407) Fancying that one is lower than the lowly,

Or equal with the equal,

Or greater than or equal to the lowly —

All these are called the pride of selfhood.

(408) Boasting that one is equal to those

Who by some good quality are superior to oneself

Is called exceeding pride.

Fancying that one is superior to the superior,

(409) Thinking that one is higher than the very high,

Is pride beyond pride;

Like sores on an abscess

It is very vicious.

(410) Conceiving an I through obscuration

In the five empty [aggregates]

Which are called the appropriation

Is said to be the pride of thinking I.

(411) Thinking one has won fruits [of the spiritual path]

Not yet attained is the pride of conceit,

Praising onself for faulty deeds

Is know by the wise as erroneous pride.

(412) Deriding onself, thinking

“I am useless” is called

The pride of inferiority.

Such is a brief description of the seven prides.

~ Nagarjuna’s Precious Garland. Jeffrey Hopkins Snow Lion, 2007.


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