Intro to Lam Rim Resources

Module 3, Presenting the Path in the Discovering Buddhism series offers a great introduction to the Lam Rim.

Presenting the Path recordings by Don Handrick taught at Thubten Norbu Ling on

Discovering Buddhism at Home: Presenting the Path

Here’s the course description: “After this course, students will have a clear idea of the path to enlightenment, especially its three main components: renunciation, bodhicitta and the right view of emptiness. They will understand the progressive, step-like structure of the lam-rim, its origin in the teachings of Guru Shakyamuni Buddha, the three scopes, where they fit at their present stage of spiritual development, what they need to do next, and how they get from there to enlightenment.”

Of course, there are tons of terrific books on the Lam Rim. For a good overview, I’d recommend Yangsi Rinpoche’s Practicing the Path.

The Center taught Presenting the Path, so if you search this blog, you’ll see the discussions.

Please feel free to share your favorite intro to Lam Rim resources. Thanks!


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