Prayer Requests: New Blog Feature

The Guhyasamaja Center is a circle of spiritual friends. Most of the time we don’t have the opportunity to be together. In fact, many of you live far away from the Washington D.C. area. Nonetheless, we are all interdependent which means if one person in our community is ill or has fallen on hard times (lost a job, lost a home), we all feel their suffering.

So I’m creating a new blog feature for you to request prayers for yourself or others. Please feel free to give us a brief description so we can honor your request for spiritual support.

May all beings be forever free from suffering and
May I help them attain that goal


11 thoughts on “Prayer Requests: New Blog Feature

  1. Please pray for me as a beginning practioner. I am going against my family’s long standing religous practice and following my own spiritual path, which is very scary. Also, I divorced my husband three years ago in a post traumatic stress disordered & eating disordered haze and have much regret. Please pray for him to forgive me and to have understanding of what I was going through. I really miss him now that I am awakening. Thank you for offering this blog.

    • Hi Opal, it can be uncomfortable to explore new spiritual avenues seemingly without your family’s support. But, as His Holiness the Dalai Lama says, Buddhism has much in common with many religious traditions such as Christianity. So maybe a good way to maintain your positive relationship with your family is to dwell in the beauty of this common ground — basic morality, loving kindness and virtue. I have many friends who blend Buddhist meditation techniques with Christianity or Judaism.

      As for divorce, having been though it myself, all I can say is that marital status isn’t necessarily what’s important in a relationship. My former husband and I are now closer than when we were married. But it took time, patience, honesty and mutual forgiveness. Above all, please don’t be hard on yourself! When you learn more about karma and purification, you’ll see that there’s nothing that can’t eventually be purified. It’s the inner change that’s important — your understanding of your family, your former husband, your situation. And you can change this perception and find peace. Pema Chodron has written several excellent books that you might find helpful. Be well, be strong, and don’t give up your practice : ) ~ tendrol

  2. Dear Silvia — thanks for your comment. This is a Tibetan Buddhist Center, not a Christian group. Do you still want me to post your prayer request? I just want to check with you in case you sent it by accident.

    Be strong, be well!


  3. For those of you who know Chris who comes to our Center from Harpers Ferry, please say prayers for her best friend from high school Karen. She lived in Mays Landing NJ with her husband of 32 yrs., 2 dogs and 25 cats. She was 50 yrs. old and passed away February 25.

  4. I cannot make class this Saturday but ask that you say a prayer for KV for his continued recovery from a car accident. thanks so much

  5. Please send prayers to Benita Birch who attended a 3 day retreat with Glenn Mullin last weekend and is facing surgery again. We did the medicine Buddha together on Sunday Apr. 25.

    And to Raina Davis to help her with mental afflictions at university.

  6. Please pray for my Aunt Freda MacLennan currently in the ICU & on a respirator with a severe blood infection which came on suddenly on Sat. Dec. 18th. She is my only aunt and I love her very much. Freda turned 85 last July and I was pleased to be present for her party with many family and friends. She is a vital, incredible woman and I really hope she does not have to spend Christmas in the hospital as she did last year. Thank you for your prayers. Also for her son Gary and daughters Joanne and Beverly and the rest of us in the family.

    • Dear Judi, I am so sorry to hear about your Aunt Freda’s sudden illness. I certainly will say mantras and prayers for her and your family. Take good care of yourself and each other and try to practice tong len (giving and taking) for all those who are ill in the hospital.


  7. I thank everyone who puts my Aunt Freda’s name on their prayer list. She is very slowly improving but will spend Christmas in hospital this year. Thank you all for your prayers.
    Judi Bonner

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