Turn Your Christmas Tree Into an Extensive Offering

I decorated my christmas tree with pictures from my old Liberation Prison Project calendars, Wisdom Publication catalogs, and other Dharma magazines. His Holiness the Dalai Lama sits at the top. Tara, Chenrezig, and Medicine Buddha are just below him. I used ribbons to tie them to the tree. You could also glue the images to decorative paper, or construction paper and then decorate the edges with glitter glue, beads, etc. I wrote mantras on red paper and tied them to the tree with gold ribbon. The glass ornaments and hand-made decorations are like offerings to the Buddhas. And when I turn on the lights, the entire tree becomes an offering.

Kids might enjoy using a picture of the Buddha to create a beautiful offering-ornament.


3 thoughts on “Turn Your Christmas Tree Into an Extensive Offering

  1. If I was to put a tree up, I would follow your suggestion. I will exchange gifts and honor the holiday, but don’t ask me to get into that spirit.

    I like the spirit I get into while sitting in meditation.

    Happy New Year!

    michael j

    • “that spirit” meaning the original spirit of the holidays — peace and love? I assume you are objecting to the crass commercialism of the holidays — the Black Friday shopathons etc.

      Keep meditating… : )

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