New Article in Mandala Magazine by Lorne Ladner

Here’s a terrific new article by Center Director, Dr Lorne Ladner that contains inspirational advice from Lama Zopa Rinpoche:

Lorne interviewed Rinpoche for a forthcoming book about low self-esteem — something that many Westerners experience at some point in their lives. Rinpoche explains how to develop self-confidence and how by starting with small tasks, we can gradually work up to completing large projects that seemed impossible at the outset. Read the article, turn off the TV,  and go out and change the world!  : )

P.S. So my personal advice on this snowy day when we’re expected to receive record breaking amounts of snow is to get out and shovel a little bit at a time every few hours. Don’t wait until the snow stops and you have hundreds of pounds of snow to remove — that’s intimidating. And when you’ve finished shoveling your sidewalk, go help your neighbor.


3 thoughts on “New Article in Mandala Magazine by Lorne Ladner

  1. Tendrol,

    Don’t know if I’m ready to take on the world. Like to start out small, like cleaning the bathroom sink and changing the litter box first.


    michael j

    Conshohocken, PA USA

    • Hi Michael — I just revised the blog post to make it more informative — maybe you didn’t get a chance to read the Mandala the article – but the point is that it’s fine to start small..with the correct motivation, you can build up the self confidence to achieve great things that can benefit yourself and others. Clean litter boxes for all ! Best wishes, tendrol

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