Lama Zopa: On Volunteering for a Dharma Center

With heartfelt thanks to all of you who contribute your talent and time to the Guhyasamaja Center:

So therefore really if one is thinking oh I want my life to be meaningful, useful for others, now I want to do something for others. Then, if you analyze what they really need, what will really solve their problems in day to day life, moment to moment, it is Dharma, it’s meditation practice, Dharma, nothing else. And then especially long-term happiness, happiness in all the coming future lives. Happiness when you die, happiness in future lives, then liberation from samsara, enlightenment.

So even if you yourself don’t actually teach like a lama or geshe, but you help for that, by making a place available for teaching, by being director, being secretary, being book-keeper, accountant, cook, you know, all these things, so you are a help, even though you yourself don’t teach but you take different responsibilities which you can do, and then together spread Dharma. Together help others to learn Dharma, to practice Dharma, at that place where they can come to meditate, where they can come to learn Dharma, where they can come to get advice. The place where they can come to be awakened. To be liberated. So whatever form of helping, whatever you do, making the facility, whatever you do, is enabling this to happen. So the main thing is to spread Dharma.

To educate other sentient beings about the Dharma and to cause them to practice, to abandon the cause of suffering, practice the cause of happiness. By educating them about the path, then they follow the path to liberation, to enlightenment. ~ Lama Zopa Rinpoche Benefits of Study Groups and Centers


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