Question of the Week: How do you share your faith?

This question applies to anyone who has developed an interest in journeying on a new spiritual path and would like to talk about it with friends and family.  Let’s say your family is Methodist, and now you’ve begun meditating and you are reading every book you can find about Buddhism.

Tibetan Buddhism is sort of hip these days, but some people are probably still a little disconcerted by bald women and men wearing dark red skirts. And it’s an Eastern religion — so it’s not like switching between different Protestant churches which share a strong foundation.

Do you sneak out the back door to attend a Dharma class? Do you “accidentally” leave your latest Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive book in the middle of  the dining table?

You are excited about sharing new ideas and experiences. Do you bring them up in conversation with friends and family? Do you invite family members to come along with you to Dharma class? Do you keep quiet? What’s worked for you? Why?


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