tong len meditation on a hot summer day

breathe in all the suffering of…

…..the city dwellers living in buildings without air conditioning…the taxi drivers in cars without air conditioning….the clean-up workers along the Gulf coast wearing those full protective suits who can only work for a short while…the men in suits, ties and button down shirts (who said it’s better to be born a man? LOL!)…the families stranded on the highway because their cars have over-heated…the women living in Africa who walk miles to collect water in pots which they carefully carry home…the small fish and other creatures in seasonal streams and ponds that are drying up…all the people who are hot with anger…the inabitants of all the hottest hells in the lower realms burning up their negative karma…

visualize that as you breathe out, you send each and every one of them an arctic breeze that immediately alleviates all their discomfort and turns grimaces into smiles of relief.


2 thoughts on “tong len meditation on a hot summer day

  1. Venerable Tendrol, thank you so much for this teaching..this important reminder for myself today, that there are “others” and i agree about the suits! Love & Hugs.

  2. Thank you for this reminder to be grateful of where I am at. This samsaric world is so challenging in the degenerate age. Om Ah Hum

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