Dispelling the Darkness in the Ten Directions Sutra

“Without any mental distractions, always remember that Buddha [Tragmed Mundrel Tinge Dzin Ngon ph’ag Gyalpo]. By maintaining compassion in your mind, you will never encounter obstacles and you will not fear.”

The latest edition of the IMISangha newsletter contains an interview with Ven. Dagri Rinpoche written by Ven. Lhundrup Damcho. Rinpoche suggests reading the sutra “Dispelling the Darkness in the Ten Directions” as a way of protecting oneself from obstacles and all fears particularly when traveling. It is a beautiful, compelling sutra in which prostrations and prayers are made to each of the Buddhas in the ten directions. Here is the link to a translation available on the Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archives website.


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