Monthly Dharma for Youth Class

Starting Saturday, July 31, we will be offering a dharma get-together for children ages 10 – 14. The theme is similar to what we envisioned for the peace*4u*summer teen camp (unfortunately cancelled due to low registration).

Although we live in a world that technology is connecting electronically through social networking and so forth, we lack a true understanding of inter-dependence and community. Our aim is to introduce the values and skills that can help children develop inner peace and in so doing, to create loving relationships with those around them.

Each month participants will choose one of the sixteen guidelines for a happy life to focus on.

  • How we think: humility, patience, contentment, delight
  • How we act: kindness, honesty, generosity, right speech
  • How we relate to others: respect, forgiveness, gratitude, loyalty
  • How we find meaning: principles, aspiration, service, courage

The July 31 session will explore Kindness.  Sessions are based on the Loving Kindness Peaceful Youth HABIT Project and will generally consist of a short period of walking and guided meditations, a creative activity related to the sixteen guidelines such as an art project, story telling, or an environmental awareness activity. Each participant will then think of a “change the world through acts of kindness” pledge.

Kids are encouraged to bring something to share with the group — whether it’s something to eat, or something with personal meaning so we can get to know you, or something to make us all share a good laugh.

Open to children of all faiths, you can join us at any time. Parents are welcome (but not required) to stay for the class. Once school starts in September, these get-togethers will be held late Sunday afternoons at the same location.

Saturdays, July 31, August 28
10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Unitarian Universalist Church 1625 Wiehle Ave., Reston VA 20190, downstairs

Ages 10 – 15

Registration / Questions: please send an email introducing your child to:

Suggested donation: $5 members; $8 non-members

The aim is to make a difference…
The aim is to change the world…
The aim is to have fun…
And you are making that happen!

(adapted from the Loving Kindness Peaceful Youth HABIT Project)

Please check the Center website for calendar changes, and/or join the Center email list.


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