Humanitarian Crisis in Asia

As many of you are aware, Pakistan has been hit with a tremendous catastrophe due to severe flooding which is now considered a “humanitarian crisis”. As of today, there are 6 million children in dire need of medical help and over 1500 people dead. Aid agencies are saying that unless more help comes quickly, many more people will die.

Pakistan has appealed to the world for help. While we live so far away, our Center is dedicated to world peace. Here is an opportunity to put Buddhism into action and help save lives.

With that in mind, we are attempting to send any that we can,  even just $5 or $10 dollars to one or more of these organizations:

  • Hillary Clinton announced Wednesday that Americans could text the word “SWAT” to the number 50555 to donate $10 per SMS message to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees to provide tents, clothing, food, clean water and medicine to Pakistan.
  • American Red Cross seeks to raise $100,000 to aid its Pakistan equivalent — Pakistan Red Crescent — with teams on the ground providing food, other relief items and medical care. To donate
  • UNICEF is providing help with water, sanitation, health and nutrition for displaced children and families. To donate
  • CARE needs donations for its health teams, mobile clinics and distribution of food, which will help 100,000 flood victims. To donate:
  • Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres is providing water, sanitation help, hygiene kits, cooking utensils and other items to Pakistanis. Doctors Without Borders has also prepared itself to care for patients in case of cholera outbreaks. To donate: http://www.doctorswithoutborders.or
  • The International Medical Corps (IMC) has sent mobile medical teams of doctors and paramedics to assist victims in the hardest hit areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province in the northwest.  The organization is also seeking doctors, nurses and trained professionals from a wide variety of fields. Visit the Corps’ website
  • Westport, Conn.-based Save the Children, dedicated to helping children worldwide, is already providing medical care, food and shelter kits. To donate to its Pakistan efforts:
  • Oxfam hopes to reach 400,000 people affected by the devastating floods, supplying clean water and preventing the spread of waterborne disease.
  • The World Food Programme, the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger, is supplying food to the tens of thousands affected by the floods. To donate,

Also, the International Campaign for Tibet reports on its website that the death toll has risen to 702 after an avalanche of mud and rock swept through Drugchu, a Tibetan area of Gansu province in north-western China, on Sunday (August 8). 1,042 people are still missing and 42 seriously injured, the state news agency, Xinhua, reported today (August 10).

Remember that all the people and animals and insects and so forth that are experiencing such terrible suffering have been our mothers in previous lives. Please keep them in your prayers, practice bodhicitta using meditations such as tong len and practice generosity.

Contributed by Ven Chimey, edited by Ven Tendrol


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