Youth Loving Kindness Class Update

Our new Youth Loving Kindness class is off to a good start. So far we’ve met twice and have had three – four participants at each class. We randomly pick one of the 16 Guidelines as the theme for the class. The subject of the first class was kindness, and the second was gratitude. We’ll discuss aspiration during the October 16 class.

We begin by introducing ourselves to each other and then we invite our meditation bell to ring. We follow the sound of the bell as it slowly dissolves. Then we sing a special song together. This is followed by silent meditation and walking meditation. Then it’s time to discuss the guideline. I try to make this as interactive as possible to get the kids talking.

Afterwards, Rebecca Freeman leads the class art project. During the last two classes the kids created stunning mandalas embodying kindness and gratitude. Finally, each child writes down a particular thing that he/she pledges to do in the coming month related to the class theme (for example, I pledge to be more kind to my brother and dog).

The structure of the class will be refined over time, but what I’ve just described seems to be working so far. Please note that this class is only open to kids ages 10 – 15 (with more flexibility for kids older than 15).

I’ll update this blog post with the subject of our upcoming class, so if you miss a class or want to join in, you can check here to see what’s been covered. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me:


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