Venerable Drimay Heart Advice for Death Recording Online

Ven. Drimay gave an interesting and moving class introducing us to FPMT’s Advice for Death and Dying package and sharing her personal experiences at Tara Home, a hospice center located at the Land Of Medicine Buddha in California.

Here are the links to the resources she mentioned during the class along with the recording of the class.

Ven. Drimay class recording
FPMT shop Heart Advice for Death and Dying materials
FPMT Hope Packet to Benefit the Dying and Dead – online collection of prayers
Aging with Dignity, Five Wishes
Support at the Time of Death:Requesting His Holiness the Dalai Lama Pray for the Deceased

Those who are interested in volunteering to help people meet their spiritual needs at the time of death in our local community can contact Lorne Ladner (


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