tong len for homeless school children

Children in our area and all across America are busy buying school supplies and new clothes and going back to school. Parents are worrying about whether their kids are going to the right schools and getting a good education. But I just learned that Fairfax County has a program to support a special group of students whose needs set them apart — those who are homeless. Not only are many of these children at an economic disadvantage, they also lack permanent shelter. Incredibly, the school system has a form that describes five different types of homelessness.

Reading through these is not easy but please practice tong len for each of these specific situations, imagine how it must feel to be a young child or teen living in these circumstances and also facing the pressure of attending school:

children who are temporarily sharing  the housing of other persons due to loss of housing or economic hardship,

children who are temporarily living in motels or hotels,

children who are living in emergency or transitional shelters,

children who are unsheltered living in cars, campgrounds or trailer parks,

and finally, unaccompanied youths.

Think that you are breathing in any anxiety, hunger, shame, anger, uncertainty, and dissatisfaction they might be feeling….send each one all of your unconditional love, cuddly teddy bears, a nice quiet home, a good night’s sleep, safety, and stability…whatever is needed.

May all beings be freed from suffering and may I help them attain that goal


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