Prayer Request for Prisoner Facing Execution

(source: based on an FPMT email from Ven Chokyi, Director of the Liberation Prison Project)

Don Wackerly has been a student of Liberation Prison Project since 2006. He has been regularly practicing and studying over the past 4 years.

Don is scheduled for execution in McAlester Oklahoma on 14 October. We are dedicating prayers for a stay of execution, although it seems likely that his execution will proceed as scheduled.

Can you please put Don on your prayer lists. If you are able, please dedicate Medicine Buddha puja or sadhana and Medicine Buddha and Chenrezig mantras for Don.

Don continues to do his practice and to express gratitude for all the Dharma support he has received. Prayers were dedicated for Don during the Light of the Path retreat and Lama Zopa Rinpoche has recently given Don practice advice.

I watched the short video that Ven Chokyi mentioned in her email, it is quite moving. The video is of a brief talk by his lawyer, Susan Otto, at Sravasti Abbey, testifying to the positive transformation Don has made since meeting the Dharma:

Please keep Don in your prayers.

For more about the Liberation Prison Project and how you can get involved to help prisoners like Don, please visit:


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