Wagging Tails and Smiles at the Animal Blessing

On Saturday October 2nd, the Center had its second animal blessing. Some of you might remember that Gyumed Khensur Rinpoche did an animal blessing at the Washington D.C. animal shelter several years ago. So with his permission and guidance, I did the animal blessing in honor of World Animal Day (celebrated on October 4th every year).

We had three participants. Rebecca’s min pin mix, Captain, patiently meditated on her lap during the morning’s How to Meditate class setting a good example. Peter drove home and brought back his beautiful beagle, Lada. Lada and Captain got along very well. Alessandra brought a photo of her treasured companion, Peachey, a lovely butterscotch kitty.

We were fortunate that the loggers who were noisily clearing trees around the church finished just before we started the blessing outside. I set up an altar with holy objects as Lama Zopa Rinpoche suggested and offered some preliminary prayers and mantra recitations. Then I read Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s verson of the St Francis of Assissi prayer for the animals. This was followed by the recitation of mantras which we did together — once for each pet, then I gently touched each pet with my mala and the blessing was complete.

I plan on doing the animal blessing again next year and hope that you can join us with your companion.

How did you celebrate World Animal Day?


One thought on “Wagging Tails and Smiles at the Animal Blessing

  1. It was a very touching ceremony. Captain almost got enlightened 😉
    I am not sure about Lada (she is interested only in food), but for the rest of the pets and their human companions it was something very special, blissful, spiritual and helpful!
    Thank you Tendrol,

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