Punch Buggy No Punch Backs

If you’ve been around elementary school kids recently, you may have heard them say, “Punch Buggy, No Punch Backs” whenever they see a Volkswagen Beetle. Then they punch each other gently on the arm and call out the color. I wonder if this is something that Volkswagen surreptitiously started somehow. So what does this have to do with mindfulness, you might wonder.

For me, it’s like a mindfulness check — so no matter what’s going on in the car – if we’re talking, having an argument, reading, playing a game, etc. — Tenzin and I have to stop if we see a Beetle and yell “Punch Buggy, No Punch Backs!”  It’s particularly helpful if we’re in the middle of a disagreement because it breaks the tension.

Fortunately, the Beetle is a popular car in Northern Virginia!

You can also try this with stop lights, tail lights, whatever catches your attention. The point is just to have something that you use  to check your mind. If you do it with someone else, it’s more fun, and it’s a way of staying in tune.

If you have a mindfulness trick to share, please comment below.


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