Kalachakra Housing: ordained sangha only

Here’s the link to information about some new housing opportunities for ordained sangha attending the Kalachakra in Washington D.C. (source: Kalachakra organizing committee, email on 4/16/2011).

May everyone who wishes to attend the Kalachakra be able to do so


One thought on “Kalachakra Housing: ordained sangha only

  1. Hi Ven Gyeltsen, the only resources that I’m aware of are the Sangha Housing mentioned in this blog post and the Guhyasamaja Center’s discussion board on facebook. Please feel free to add an entry to the facebook discussion explaining your request — the number of days you’d like housing and and any other requests (transportation?, meals?). Maybe someone from our community will be able to assist you.

    My impression is that sangha can register for free for Kalachakra (although I think there was a 500 sangha capacity for that offer, and maybe that’s already been exceeded).

    Glad you’ll be coming! Best wishes, Tendrol

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