Who is Khadro – la?

updated: December 17, 2016

Sun of Devotion Stream of Blessings (Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archives, 2016) — a collection of teachings by Lama Zopa Rinpoche contains fascinating and often moving recollections about Khadro la.

I admit I must be in the minority, I had heard of Khadro la but hadn’t had a chance to learn much about her.  Her life is very interesting and her humility and strength to risk her life for the Dharma are extraordinary.

In a 2008 interview for Mandala magazine, she said, ““About two years ago, His Holiness advised me that whenever the opportunity comes, I should give teachings or any kind of service that I can deliver to those who are in need. But I know I have nothing to offer to others. To tell you honestly, in my mind I have a very strong belief that the essence of life is only to have the realization of bodhichitta and emptiness. Though it is difficult to gain, my primary wish is to achieve indestructible faith in these two before I die.”

Then she continued, “If I cannot help people to generate these things, our meeting is just a waste of time. Other than that, I am the poorest by inner, outer and secret perspectives. The best side of me is only that I met the best Dharma, best practice and the best lamas.”

If you have a chance to take teachings from Khadro -la, go! She’ll be at FPMT Nalanda in France in August giving teachings on Lam Rim (calm abiding and special insight).

Ven. Roger Kunsang’s interview with Khadro la in the 2008 edition of Mandala magazine.

UPDATE: The October – December 2012 edition of Mandala magazine has an interview with Khadro-la. Here’s an excerpt from the interview in which Khadro-la suggests using stupas to minimize harm from the elements on the West coast.

Please share your thoughts and experiences about this incredible dakini.


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