Ven. Gyumed Khensur Rinpoche Losang Jampa, Path to Bliss Review of the 5/14/11 class

Gyumed Khensur Rinpoche De Lam Path to Bliss Teachings
May 14, 2011

(text, bottom of page 4)

NOTE: this is a synopsis of the teaching, it is not a transcript. Please listen to the recording of the teaching

Explanation of the 7 branch practices

Prostrations, Offerings, Confession, Rejoicing, Request to turn the Dharma wheel, Petitioning the Merit Field Not to Enter Nirvana, Dedication


Performed with the body, speech, and mind

1. Body
There are two kinds of prostrations performed with the body, long and short. With the short prostration, 5 points touch the ground. Hands: fold two hands with the thumbs in the middle, this signifies holding a wish granting jewel, visualize light emanating from the jewel like offering clouds. Right hand signifies method, Left hand represents wisdom. Touching hands together is the union of Method and Wisdom.

Touching the crown with the folded hands – purifies the body of negativities (stealing, killing, etc) and leaves the imprint to untie the crown chakra resulting in the generation of the Enlightened body, the Buddha’s crown.

Touching the throat – purifies speech (lies, gossip, divisive speech) and leaves the imprint to untie the throat chakra and thereby generate the Enlightened speech of the Buddha.

Touching the heart– purifies the mind of negative thoughts and leaves the imprint to untie the heart chakra and thereby develop the Enlightened mind.

Before prostrating, recite the multiplying mantra to multiply the merit 1,000 times:


Benefits of Prostrations With the Body

One acquires the merit to become a Dharma king for each atom covered by one’s body. The number of atoms extends from the surface all the way down to the depths of the vajra ground. This is the best way to avoid re-birth in the lower realms.

Leave imprints for generating the Illusory Body, the 5 left fingers become the 5 root winds, the 5 left fingers become the 5 branch winds. Withdrawing all the winds into the Heart chakra leaves imprints for the Illusory Body,

Another explanation: five left fingers represent the 5 sense objects (sound, taste, touch), the five fingers on the right hand represent the 5 sense powers. Touching the fingers together at the heart – dissolves 10 energies at the chakra, this leaves the imprints for achieving Clear Light.

Another explanation: left hand = Illusory Body, right hand = Clear Light, touching together represents the union of Illusory Body and Clear Light, the Enlightened Being.

We offer prostrations for the benefit of all sentient beings. With this motivation, we accumulate the same amount of merit as there are limitless sentient beings.

We prostrate to countless buddhas multiplying ourselves with countless bodies.

Whatever Dharma practices we do, the stronger the motivation, the more merit we accumulate.

2.Verbal Prostration

Examples: reciting texts aloud while prostrating (e.g. Confession to the 35 Buddhas).

3.Mental Prostration

Development of faith in holy objects

4.Body and Verbal and Mental Prostrations Combined – purifies all three negativities


two kinds: a.) ordinary and b.) unsurpassable

a.) ordinary: water, flowers, insence, light, perfume, food, music, 8 auspicious objects, five sense offerings, 7 offerings of royalty.

Description of the benefits associated with each offering substance along with the benefits of making offerings. Easy to generate bodhicitta simply through the practice of making offerings.

b.) unsurpassable offerings – Samantabhadra offerings
two types based on two sutras:
1) holding supreme dharma
a. Oral transmission Dharma – giving teachings
b. Realization of Dharma – putting instructions into practice
2) holding bodhicitta mind – generating bodhicitta while making offerings

Rinpoche commented on each of these


Seven branches can be divided into practices of accumulation and purification

Discussion of negative karma and the importance of understanding the consequences of negative actions.

Purification by applying the Four Opponent Powers: 1) reliance on the base, 2) regret/remorse, 3) resolution not to transgress again, 4) antidote

Rinpoche described each of the four including a description of the hell realms. On domestic animals, Rinpoche commented that we can’t understand their mental suffering. Animals lack the skill to avoid suffering and skillfully pursue happiness. They have dull minds. We can only alleviate some of their suffering.


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