Ven. Gyumed Khensur Rinpoche Losang Jampa, Path to Bliss Review of the 5/27/11 class

Note: this is a summary of the topics covered during this class. The recording is available on the Guhyasamaja Center website.

Throughout this teaching, Khensur Rinpoche’s major theme was that the preliminary practices are easy to perform during the course of the day. Such practices of purification and accumulation of merit are vital for progressing to Enlightenment. Whether an act is virtuous or not depends on your motivation. Once accumulated, whether or not  your virtue / merit is preserved depends on whether you seal it with the proper dedication.

III. Confession — Rinpoche continued explaining the seven limb practice picking up where he left off during the last class in this series with Confession. Topics include: the object of purification, three types of negativities, and a detailed look at the Four Opponent Powers.

IV. Rejoicing — topics include how to rejoice in the virtues of five types of beings; when Not to rejoice.

V. Requesting that the wheel of Dharma be turned — meaning and benefits.

VI. Petitioning the Merit Field to Remain — meaning and benefits.

VII. Dedication — dedicating virtues for higher realizations; object to be dedicated, how and why dedication is important; analogy of a goldsmith, of riding a horse. Three types of dedication

Then Rinpoche re-examined two main practices: setting one’s motivation and the dedication of merits. He emphasized that an action is only Dharma practice if carried out with the proper motivation.

Finally, Rinpoche briefly discussed the different versions of making mandala offerings.

Long version of the Seven Limb Prayer translated by Alexander Berzin.


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