The Buddha Could Appear Today

To disciples of increasing purity, ability, and rarity the Buddha gave more private guidance in the subtle mysteries. It appears that such teachings are included in the Mahayana sutras. There is no certainty, however, that all of the tantras were taught while the historical Buddha was alive. To an extremely small number of pure disciples the Buddha could appear today. They could encounter Vajradhara, the King of the Tantras, and he could reveal tantras and quintessential guidance to them.

This is possible even though more than twenty-five hundred years have gone by since the historical Buddha passed away. There is no possibility, after the Buddha’s death, of additions being made to his public discourses. But I think that teachings to disciples of pure action do not necessarily have to be given during the historical Buddha’s lifetime. (pg.44)

–from Transcendent Wisdom by H.H. the Dalai Lama, translated, edited and annotated by B. Alan Wallace, published by Snow Lion Publications

(as quoted in Snow Lion’s “Dalai Lama Quote of the Week” on June 3, 2011)


One thought on “The Buddha Could Appear Today

  1. All the signs would seem to indicate that is me. Supremely enlightened anyway. No really I am not kidding. I wrote this today. Give it to the Dali Lama. He will know the place where my mind rests: Like birds singing they don’t know the message they carry. When people are trying to be genuine they are sing from their soul or with their spirit as it may be. While their minds still think it’s about one thing, it’s about something else. On the surface you could say it is all about the longing and desire to attract and be attracted to others. But underneath there is another world communicating through our lives in this world. Timeless and connected from beginning to end, with the stories playing out through our collective consciousnesses. Archetypes coming from within ourselves with all the forms manifesting in the world. Enlightenment is to be a part of that story, not worship it.

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