Movie: For the Benefit of All Beings: The Extraordinary Life of His Eminence Garchen Triptrul Rinpoche

His Eminence the Drikung Kagyu master, Garchen Triptul Rinpoche, visits the Washington D.C. area at least once a year. He is a man of great power,  and gentleness.  If you’re visiting D.C. for the Kalachakra, you might want to spend some time at the Drikung Kagyu Center in Frederick, MD. From D.C., it’s about 60 minutes by car.

The opening of a new film by Christina Lundberg
July 10, 12, 14th, 2010
The Heritage Center, D.C., 2 blocks from the Kalachakra event

The life story of His Eminence Garchen Triptul Rinpoche

Born on the roof of the world in Tibet
Discovered by a king as the reincarnation of a great Lama
Enthroned at the age of seven, leading a monastic life of study and meditation
Freedom shattered, Imprisoned for 20 years, Witnessed the death of friends
What kind of person would YOU become if this happened to you?
Would you dedicate your life….For The Benefit of All Beings

For more information about the film, visit the website.


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