Gajang Tsawa Monks World Peace Cultural Tour

A group of monks from Gaden Jangtse monastery are touring the United States led by none other than the wonderful doctor Ven. Dr. Losang Tenzin.  I had the great fortune to host Dr Tenzin several years ago in my home. Like all high lamas, he’s a very serious practitioner, content to stay at home meditating and saying prayers. In addition, he’s a very skilled doctor of Tibetan medicine. He also performs astrological charts and casts the mo. He will be available for  private consultations.

If you are interested in hosting the tour, please contact Nyima Nedup. The group will be in the States until the spring of 2012. Also, the group is currently looking for a volunteer to help drive their van during the tour. What a great, fun way to accumulate some merit!

For more information, please visit their website:  Gaden Jangtse world peace tour.

Contact information:
(626) 215-0997 or 626) 823-0451 for information, bookings and travel schedule

Mailing address: Chokhor Gepel Ling, 3536 McLaughlin Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90066 USA


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