Dharma Channel Surfing?

The other day I was reviewing the section in the Lam Rim  about how to listen to the teachings, and the qualifications for being an ideal Dharma student. We’re so  fortunate that so many incredible Dharma teachings are now available online. We could spend the entire day reading, listening, and watching great masters teach. For me at least, when I listen or read online, I really have to make a conscious effort to focus and to resist the temptation to click the mouse, open a new tab and surf to another site. If I’m reading a book, I find it easier to concentrate.

So, this is just a reminder (maybe more for myself than anyone else) that Dharma online is still Dharma and so we need to set our motivation carefully before reading Dharma teachings, to fully concentrate on a teaching and start at the beginning and continue to the end, to not skip around even to other Dharma-related websites, and to dedicate all our merit for the benefit of all sentient beings.



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