Try this yourself: blessing animals

During the Kalachakra teachings in July, I invited Gyumed Khensur Rinpoche and several other monks to celebrate my birthday at Mings, a Chinese restaurant near the Verizon Center. I tried to pick a restaurant that didn’t have a fish tank stocked with soon-to-be dinner, but Mings did have one. After our seafood-free dinner, one of Rinpoche’s closest friends from Sera monastery walked over to the fish tank and said some Om Mane Padme Hums aloud for the fish.

So, that’s a great reminder that we can all say prayers for the fish in Chinese restaurants. And, the next time you’re at Petsmart or your local pet store, you can say some mantras for the aquarium fish, hamsters, guinea pigs and other animals. If you see an animal killed on the road, you can say mantras, too — Chenrezig, Medicine Buddha, Amitabha, etc., whichever you remember. Pray that they will be reborn as humans in their next lives with many opportunities to study and practice Dharma. Think that all of the Buddhas’ blessings in the form of nectar fills each animal as you recite the mantra.

Anyway, I’m sure you’re already doing this, but I just thought I’d share this anecdote about Rinpoche’s friend blessing the fish with you.


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