Rainbows for Khensur Rinpoche’s King of Prayers Teaching

Friday morning there were strong thunderstorms in the mid-Atlantic region. Ven. Losang Sherab was going to drive Rinpoche and several other monks to Howell, NJ for Rinpoche’s teaching on the King of Prayers. Rinpoche spent a long time speaking with some of his students. When he finally finished, he walked down the hallway to where Sherab was waiting, and just then, as if on cue, the rain stopped and the sun came out.

It continued to rain most of the day. I drove from Virginia to NJ, and when I approached the state park where I was going to camp, it started to pour again.  Then the rain tapered off, but the sky was still dark bluish gray and there were flashes of lightning.   I saw a sparkling double rainbow in the East seemingly over Howell. I’d never seen two rainbows at once. I was really fortunate that the rain all but stopped when I was ready to set-up my tent and cook dinner.

The temple was full of students — many MSTC regulars, but also several new faces and about 15 – 16 sangha. Rinpoche carefully went through each verse of the King of Prayers line by line along with a commentary. By the end of Saturday’s teaching when I had to leave, he had covered the first dozen or so verses — the bulk of which was a description of the 7 limbed prayer.  Around 4 pm when the class was about to end, the power went out  in the neighborhood.

EDIT: Just before the end of class a student asked Rinpoche why we have to request the Buddhas to teach, why don’t they do so automatically, and why would they leave us to go on to Enlightenment? I’ve been to many of Rinpoche’s teachings, but I’ve never heard him laugh as much as he did when he heard these questions, he laughed so hard he was in tears. In fact, I was so amazed that I can’t clearly remember his reply.


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