A Home for Our Center: Short Term Fundraising Appeal

Dear Friends,

Recently the center launched an initiative to raise $5,000 in the next 30 days to help us meet our goal of purchasing a space for our center in the next year. This is an all-or-nothing event, if we raise less than 5,000 no one who pledged money is charged and the center doesn’t raise anything. Your support is critically important to help us meet our goal. This project can be supported either by direct donation, or by purchasing a gift card to Starbucks or Wholefoods, which in turn will lead to a donation to us by those companies. If everyone affiliated with the center gives a little, then we will reach our goal.

Please consider making a contribution of $25 or $50 today.

For the cost of a restaurant meal you can help create permanent space for the Dharma to flourish in the D.C. area. Thank you very much for your time and support. Please email me at membership@guhyasamaja.org with any questions.

Please support the initiative by going here: http://cauzoom.com/project/buddhist-learning-center.

This offer ends on December 2, 2011. All donations raised through this initiative will help us meet the matching donation of $20,000.


Matt Gausman
Membership Coordinator
Guhysasamaja Center


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