Thangka Drawing Class Was Memorable

In October, 2011, the Guhyasamaja Center sponsored a Buddha Shakyamuni Thangka Drawing class. The class instructed by Carmen Mensink, a Thangka Artist from Amsterdam, Netherlands ( class was advertised as “no drawing experience needed”, a qualification I completely met.

Over the weekend, Carmen taught us about the geometric diagram of the Buddha’s Shakyamuni’s physical features. With Carmen’s patient instruction, over the course of the 2 day course, each of the students learned the core technique of drawing the Buddha. We each drew quite nice pictures of the Buddha’s head and body. (Even me.) More importantly, each of us were able to participate, for the whole weekend, in the meditational activity of contemplating the form of the Buddha and his Qualities as we drew. Priceless.

~ Paul Stevenson

Would you be interested in attending this workshop if we offer it again in the future?


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