Stand Up for Tibet Pledge

How can we make our lives meaningful? One way is to speak out against injustice….please take action beginning by reading the email below.

(source: email from the International Tibet Network)

Dear Friend,

You are one of nearly 30,000 people who have pledged to Stand Up For Tibet. Recently a message from a Tibetan in Tibet was shared with us which said “We know about your efforts on our behalf, especially your global actions around the world on Wednesday [2 November]. Everything you do makes a difference for us.”

This strong, heartfelt message encourages us that Stand Up For Tibet is giving hope to Tibetans in Tibet and will succeed in helping to end the current crisis. Next week Tibetans and Tibet supporters around the world will be delivering the Stand Up For Tibet pledge to Foreign Ministers and Government officials around the world. To make our voices louder and stronger we want to deliver 50,000 pledges, raising the alarm across the world and demanding our governments hear our call; ENOUGH! Global intervention to Save Tibetan Lives.

There are only 10 days left to reach this target. Please Act Now: Forward this message to as many people as possible, share the link below on Facebook and Twitter and encourage as many people as possible to take the pledge to Stand Up For Tibet.

If everyone who has already pledged gets one more person to join us we will exceed our target.

With hope and determination,

The Stand Up For Tibet Team

(posted on behalf of the International Tibet Network)


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